The End of Third-Party Cookies

As the phase out of third-party cookies on Google looms on the horizon, we’re looking at traditional forms of marketing that could see a resurgence, and what benefits it could have for your marketing strategy.

Google announced in June 2021 that the phase out of third-party cookies had moved to late 2023, having originally been scheduled for January 2022. The increase in privacy conscious consumers has fuelled a concern over the privacy of third-party cookies, with companies like Apple having already removed them from Safari. Many marketers rely on Google Chrome and targeted social media advertisements as an integral part of their marketing strategy, so it’s time to think outside the box.

There has been a growth of distrust in online platforms, fuelled by big hitting Netflix documentaries such as ‘The Great Hack’ and ‘The Social Dilemma’ and the general dissatisfaction around ‘online clutter’ on platforms such as Instagram. A recent Marketing Sherpa study showed that when asked ‘In general which type of advertising channels do you trust more when you want to make a purchase decision?’ the consumer’s top five responses were all traditional channels. This included magazines, newspapers, posters and direct mail. So how do you use all of this to your advantage?

At Treacle we assist our clients from inception to completion of their print publications, knowing how to convey their brand message across a varied range of collateral. Whether you are looking to create a printed newsletter for your subscribers or an eye-catching outdoor billboard, our team has the experience and knowledge to create strategies that will compliment your brand’s objectives and long-term goals.



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