Müller 2022 Campaign

Müller is a well-known yoghurt brand and its recent 2022 billboard campaign confidently relies on just that. The billboard showcases minimalist design at its best, using only a cropped image and their logo to create an eye-catching piece of marketing material. The campaign message is clear: they are the original creators.

Even though copies have been made over the years, they are boldly stating that nobody has matched their yoghurts. Even though the billboard features the Müller logo, by using a cropped image of the product they are primarily relying on people’s previous experience with Müller to evoke a memory, rather than informing them of who they are.

Similarly, TBWA/Worldwide used cropped imagery in their latest campaign for McDonald’s but have taken it one step further and not included the McDonald’s logo. This is an impressive display of confidence and power in brand recognition. 

Both companies use their products as their distinguishing brand asset, which showcases the power of brand consistency. Great design is simple, succinct and recognisable, whilst stimulating an emotional response. The minimalist design of these billboards combined with the strong brand identities has achieved just that.



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