Creating a significant impact on how your company, product or service is perceived.

A strong brand is critical to your success. Treacle has been building brands for small and large businesses for over 12 years by creating elegantly simple, unexpectedly fresh corporate identities that drive business success. Whether you need help “finding yourself”, or re-defining who you are, we can help your company develop strong, consistent branding that is a true reflection of your values and philosophy. Effective branding really makes a difference when it’s adaptable to a broad range of applications both on-line and off-line and it helps people to appreciate what’s special and different about you.

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Creating a strong identity starts with your logo. Simple, modern, traditional or avant garde, no matter where your brand logo sits, we are able to create inspiring designs.

A beautiful logo deserves beautiful supporting copy. Choosing the right typography can help bring personality and edge to your identity.

We develop colour palettes that give both flexibility and structure to an identity. Considered and complimentary colour palette swatches to bring life and colour to your brand.

Working with our sister photography agency, we can curate a suitable photographic library of imagery to support your brand, campaign or event.

We can draw up effective brand guideline documentation. A strong brand, needs strict visual brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all communications.

Packaging graphics, structures and multi sensory experiences that connect your product and brand with the consumer.

Creating a brand strategy and message which connects with the customer. Branding mapping, positioning and architecture are key methods in building up a brand language.


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