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Treacle joins the Positive Luxury Impact Network

Treacle Media are honoured to announce we are joining Positive Luxury’s impact network, powering the only ESG assessment and certification programme for luxury, supporting clients in their sustainability efforts.

Who are Positive Luxury?

Established by Diana Verde Nieto and Karen Hanton in 2011, Positive Luxury’s origins stem from a “chance meeting of Sir David Attenborough and Diana, his inspiring story of the Large Blue Butterfly – which died out in the British Isles in 1979 – and the dedication of the scientist who successfully reintroduced it by unraveling the intricate web of interdependencies necessary for its survival.” (

Positive Luxury helps companies evolve and grow into a new climate economy, keeping them ahead of shifts in society and legislation.

What is the Butterfly Mark?

Independent and globally respected, Butterfly Mark certification can be earned by luxury brands, retailers and suppliers that meet the highest standards of Environmental, Social and Governance performance.

Unlike other certifiers, our work and time continues beyond Butterfly Mark certification and supports the sustainable luxury movement.

Actionable reporting and communication tools enable our clients to leverage sustainability as a value driver.

Bespoke, Intuitive, Supported

  • Clients are supported through the process by a dedicated manager and team of experts.
  • An ESG+ framework specifically designed for the luxury industry.
  • Assessment tailored the needs of our client’s business model, luxury vertical, company size and areas of operation/supply.
  • To be certified you must achieve a minimum 50% on each of the Environmental, Social and Governance pillars, plus display commitment to sustainable innovation by achieving a minimum 50% overall score.

What does it mean?

Becoming Butterfly Mark certified provides you with a robust climate, social insights and performance measures toolkit, to ensure you continue to reduce risk, drive your growth in positive impact and tell your story underpinned by facts.

Next steps

As part of the Positive Luxury network, Treacle Media can offer an initial introduction to earning the Butterfly Mark and what it entails.  We are happy to offer you any information you need to make an informed decision as to whether it might be right for your business.

Join forces with other companies such as Dior Couture  Bamford, Belvedere Vodka, Home Grown London, and Chene Bleu and become a sustainable luxury brand advocate.

Join The Positive
Luxury Community

Interested in being part of a global community of luxury businesses and develop ESG initiatives in the right way for your business?

Treacle Media are here to help. Book a 15 minute consultation with our team today who will walk you through the assessment process, to see if Positive Luxury is right for your business.

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