Are you creating an emotional connection to your brand?

ME + EM: A case study.

Yesterday, I was stopped in the street by a woman who admired my dress. “That’s stunning.. I’m thinking maybe it’s Me + Em?”.

It was.  We had a good chat about our love of their clothes, the cut, the style.  She told me about the secret sales they have at Chelsea Town hall (if anyone knows how to get an invite please let me know!).  We swapped names and I really hope to see her again, she was lovely.

ME + Em and me kinda go way back. I seem to remember the first time I heard of them was a brochure through my door.

Then out running, my stylish friend Emma started to rave about their clothes. “Their clothes are gorgeous, but expensive..” I was intrigued. There must be more to them.. They must be special? As I continued to get brochures through the door, I started to look more closely at the clothes and prices. Ok they were on the higher end, but for a treat they might be within my price range.

I must have at some point visited their website. There were a lot more ranges than in the little book that came through my door. I started dreaming of the time or occasion I might be able to justify buying an item. Would it be a party? A work do? I started to talk to Lucy (my bestie running buddy) about Me + Em. We decided we had a mutual love of their clothes. We spent many runs dreaming of which dresses we would wear and when.

I started to receive a lot of retargeting ads. I was seeing Me + Em a lot.

But I didn’t want to buy online. I wanted to go and feel the clothes. To experience them. I planned a trip instore to buy an outfit for an important work pitch (excuse to myself: new job, new dress) with Lucy. We went to Battersea Power station. From the moment we walked in I loved it. The shop was small and personal. The ladies who worked there were super friendly but not intrusive. We tried on lots of clothes. We shared our experience with other customers. There was lots of chat, laughter.

At the till the lady took my details, my email, my address. The clothes were packaged in beautifully branded, sustainable packaging. I won’t tell you how much we spent that day. But it was more than I was planning to. I bought myself two dresses and the most gorgeous jacket. They make me feel incredible every time I wear them. And I wear them all the time.

Since then I have read more about the founder, Clare Horby who is passionate about sustainable fashion.

The strapline is “intelligent clothes for intelligent women”.

Who would not want to be part of her gang?

I now receive personal emails from the Battersea shop whenever a new collection comes in. They offer to put clothes aside and help with anything else I need. I am dreaming about the next time I will go shopping at Me + Em.  I talk about them a lot to friends and strangers. I get compliments every time I wear their clothes. They make me feel special.

Why am I telling you this?

Me + Em have created a loyal brand advocate of me. I am now their dream customer.

Not only am I willing to spend money on their clothes again and again… I am spreading the message far and wide to everyone I know (and don’t know) that their clothes are amazing, incredible, beautiful, make you feel like a million bucks. I feel an emotional connection to ME + EM.  Their values align with mine. I feel like I am part of a community of women who also share the same outlook.  It feels empowering.

How can you do this for your brand?

The ME +EM sales model is a masterclass in how to maximise the customer funnel.


ME+EM | Luxury British Designer Clothing – Style that employs innovative, functional design expertise to craft the most flattering investment pieces for your wardrobe. Style that does all the work for you. Style that comes at a fair price, thanks to a seamless direct-to-you approach. It is style for now, and forever.


The ME + EM customer funnel broken down


ME + EM identify who their target audience is through detailed demographics, one of which is geographic location, they door drop their brochures to certain postcodes.


A percentage of prospects will now visit the website and browse. Some may sign up to the newsletter. ME + EM will then retarget website visitors with ads on other websites, social media etc. Keeping their brand top of mind through regular brochure drops and retargeting, some prospects will find an item they really want to purchase.


Many will come into the store, some will order clothes online. You capture customer details, ME + EM can now track their full journey, the cost of acquiring that client. They can now start a personal relationship with their name, what they like to buy etc.


It’s all very well getting clients through the funnel, but how do you hold on to them? Your product needs to be as good as you say in your marketing, you need to deliver on your customer promise.  You need to ensure the experience is a good one.


The whole experience has made me want to talk about ME + EM. I feel they have really thought about – and understand – what it is I want.

They fulfill a number of needs for me, I want to feel like what I wear makes me look good, I want to feel like I belong to a group of other women who also feel the same.  I want to buy from a brand who cares about the planet. Advocacy comes from really understanding your customer;

  • How can you offer people a sense of belonging?
  • How can you make them feel part of something?
  • How can you make your customers feel like you care?
  • How do you keep adding value even after purchase?

All of this is in the detail of your experience.  The special touches and personalisation you can build as you understand your customers.

What ties all of this together?

Your loyal clients are like GOLD DUST. Conversation and advocates of your brand carry prospects through the funnel.

Key Take Outs;

  • Understand who you are targeting.  Niche up and focus on knowing your customers better than they know themselves.  Build your product development, your message, everything around two or three detailed customer profiles. Make yourself relevant to them.  Don’t try to talk to too many people.
  • Emotional connection takes time, don’t rush your prospects through the customer funnel with offers, it does not create long lasting relationships.
  • A higher price point can often be a selling point – often it communicates to a customer, quality and something more than what you immediately see.
  • The sales funnel is not linear. The virtual world is an easy way to keep your brand top of mind.  Understand how your prospects are using digital to research, to experience, to learn more about your business.
  • Loyal clients and referrals are like GOLD DUST.  They carry your brand.  Look after your loyalists and they will pay you back with marketing your brand a million times over.


Get your marketing bods in a room and go through – in detail – the customer funnel for your business.
What are you doing at each point to ensure more prospects are being pushed through to purchase, loyalty and advocacy?

THINK about the nonlinear path to purchase, use the virtual and real tools you have in your toolbox.

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