I’m always looking for ways to see the world in a different way.


As much as I love to be alone (sometimes)…I just LOVE people. I love what they teach me (and everyone teaches you something). I’ve been out and about a lot this past week meeting a variety of different people. And here is what I have learned…

Client Feedback: Your Business Superpower

I had the most inspiring meeting with a client called Devora. She insisted to me, the key to her success is involving her clients at every stage of what she does.

Firstly, she interviews them. She listens. She understands. She identifies their problems. She gets feedback along the way. She is humble and takes the good and the bad. She knows if she makes a product SHE is proud of, it will be good enough for her client. She does not stop until this is the case, regardless of the time it takes her.

I was then listening to a podcast with Jimmy Carr. He shared the process comedians go through when they put together a new comedy show. They will have material which they will present to a small audience. They will do this over 200 times, listening to see which jokes resonate (and which don’t). They evolve their product over and over, simply by listening to their customers.

The Influence of Marketing: A Marketeer’s Superpower

I met with Courtney Cesari for lunch this week. We talked about a LOT of things. We are both aligned in many ways and have a desire to use the power of marketing to change the world.

We also talked about marketing as being the cause of many of the problems we have right now: over-consumption, poor health, mis-education. But the wonderful thing here is, marketing ALSO has the power to change and solve these global issues. As marketeers we must be conscious of this power and use it wisely, consciously, and with an eye on the greater good.

BCorp Movement: A Force for Good Superpower

On Monday evening I was fortunate to be invited to the Country and Town House B Good party at the most sustainable address in London, No 1 Mayfair Hotel. C&TH are leading the way in thought-leadership and drive to build a better tomorrow. I had some incredible chats with people doing great things, Lucy Cleland, Andy Hawkins, Thomas Bourne, Simon Bax to name a few. I came away from the evening thinking and feeling hope that there is enough positive force in the world for us to change the tides of the future.

Reflection: A Parent Superpower

And of course, I learn from my children every single day. When I get stuff wrong, they tell me. Maybe not in their words but in their actions. You need a strong foundation in any pursuit, but this so obviously plays out in your children. Sleep, good food, love, time, presence. If I don’t have this foundation, the world is not a happy place for them.

What brings all of these superpowers together?

  • Well, at the heart of it all is HUMILITY.
  • We must be humble and listen. To our friends, our clients, the world around us.
  • We must be conscious of the actions we take and how they impact tomorrow.
  • We must keep adapting, growing, being curious.

There is no destination, we never get there. So we may as well make the most of now.. Right?

A thought for you today.. Can you take time today to listen and reflect? Every interaction has a purpose, meaning. Can you find it?

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