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An Inspiring Week of Art in the Heart of London


London really is up there with one of the most extraordinary places in the world. Buzzing with activity, culture, diversity and such artistic talent. After a week visiting a plethora of presentations in different forms, my mind is brimming with innovative ideas, my heart full of hope and energy for the future.

The week started with the press opening of a captivating exhibition at The Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, alongside the gorgeous Angel Tan from The House Directory. This exhibition, known as “Formed with Future Heritage,” was an ode to the spirit of innovation and ingenuity in the world of art and design. The exhibition was opened by prestigious design critic, Corinne Julius, with a warm, heartfelt, speech. In her words, the purpose of the exhibit is it gives artists time to breathe, to think of new work, to create new things. Many of the artists were using natural materials such as nettles, grass and recycled materials to create incredible works of art for many to enjoy for years to come.

Here are a few highlights:

The exhibition encapsulated this sentiment, featuring the work of over 40 contemporary makers who had crafted exceptional pieces, many created especially for this event.

“Formed with Future Heritage” artfully combined Formed and Future Heritage, bridging the gap between emerging talents and established studios. The display encompassed a diverse array of artistic disciplines, from sculpture and ceramics to glass, textiles, woodwork, metalcraft, and upcycled materials, culminating in furniture, lighting, and art. The overarching theme was conscious creativity harmonising with environmental consciousness, a testament to the artists’ commitment to sustainability.


MartinI had the pleasure of meeting Martin and his wife, Pamela. Martin is an award-winning designer-maker whose sculptural lights and furniture epitomizes the union of artistic ingenuity and traditional craftsmanship. His works adorn exquisite hotels, restaurants, and private residences worldwide. Martin’s journey into the world of artistry, driven by a deep-rooted passion for brass, steel, and bronze, commenced in his father’s metal workshop and flourished through his art training at Central St Martin’s in London.


A creative space dedicated to wood and metalwork. A super cool warehouse near Walthamstow where a plethora of artists are creating and making using regenerative techniques.


A furniture design and homeware brand, specialising in using a wide range of materials to craft beautiful and functional furniture, including locally sourced wood, hand worked metal, and natural stone.  He draws on his background as an engineer to design pieces that will withstand the test of time and is always on the lookout for new interesting materials, unique design approaches, and manufacturing methods.


An outlet for creative endeavours, with collaboration at its heart. Driven by a passion for Backgammon and woodworking, Serin presents new designs for boards featuring a bold design in stained laser marquetry and beautiful materials. The first two boards on display will be the ‘Deep Sea’ prototype board, inspired by his experiences diving on the British Coastline, as well as a beautiful new design produced in collaboration with Madrid based artist Nic Mac.


It was wonderful to watch Kendall Clarke’s artistry play out live at the exhibition, as she spun yarn with pleasure and skill. Kendall’s work encompasses wall art and sculptures that are deeply influenced by traditional and contemporary Japanese crafts. The delicate weaving process involves painting, mark-making, erasure, and other techniques, resulting in multi-layered pieces that explore surface, layers, and time. Her creations delve into themes of precariousness, survival, fragility, and solidity, presenting a captivating reflection on handwritten marks and their evolving significance over time.


I met Angela who was warm, bubbly and incredibly passionate about her work. Angela has her own art consultancy, Quote and Curate, where she creates bespoke art pieces on demand for her clients. An RCA-trained curator and artist whose depth of work reflects her connection with British landscape, churches and period buildings was such a pleasure to see.


An indelible presence at both The Design Centre and Decorex, Original BTC is a family-owned company founded by Peter Bowles in 1990, known for its design, quality, and attention to detail. It was lovely to chat to son, Charlie Bowles at the show, who presented to me their beautiful Blossom range, a portable, cordless lamp inspired by the Plum blossom, fuses traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge LED technology.

Decorex at Olympia

My wonderful week continued to the Decorex Fair in Olympia, a vibrant showcase of handcrafted design. Among a few handcrafted gems, I discovered Natasha Hulse, a bespoke fabric artist who specialises in three-dimensional appliqué artworks that adorn furniture like headboards and lampshades. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, drawing inspiration from the natural world and boasting a unique charm.


I had the privilege to chat to Hilly, co-Founder of Samarkand Design, who are a showcase to reusing and recycling vintage Indian fabrics, celebrating through their work, the culture from their origins. Their beautiful range of lampshades are made from a variety of materials, including vintage silk saris, suzanis, kanthas and rugs, reflecting an eclectic mix of Indian and African influences.


The Soho stand had an incredible atmosphere with beautiful and distinctive, stand out lighting design pieces. Founded by Lee Lovett, a passionate interior design lover with a belief in the transformative power of lighting to elevate interiors. Creating visual comfort is a testament to their love for the art and science of lighting.

“Lighting can make or break even the most carefully-designed interior. It is both an art and a science, with the ability to elevate a space and reveal its true potential.”


Lee Lovett, Founder and Creative Director, Soho Lighting Company

Final thoughts from our visit to Future Heritage & Decorex

There were many other wonderful artists on show, the summary of which are well worth a look. Art and design really do hold the key to many of the challenges we are facing in our modern societal challenges. In itself, the act and art of creation is a meditative practice and one where it requires absolute focus and presence, something we are sincerely lacking in our frenetic lifestyle choices.

Art allows the freedom to express ourselves and the world in a way that speaks to our own souls, and those of others who care to listen. It makes use of regenerative practices, where discarded materials are transformed into creative treasures, reflecting our responsibility to the environment. Most importantly, art provides an escape from the digital world, reconnecting us with nature and offering a respite from screens and technology.

Key Take Outs;

  • Art as Transformation: Art holds the key to transforming our lives and offers solutions to societal challenges. Don’t try to talk to too many people.
  • The Meditation of Creation: Creating art is a meditative practice that allows us to be fully present and in the moment.
  • Unique Self-Expression: Art is a unique form of self-expression that cannot be copied, reflecting our individuality.
  • Acceptance of Diversity: The diversity in what motivates and inspires us in art is something to celebrate and accept.
  • Freedom in Creativity: Art provides the freedom to express ourselves and derive joy from the creative process, regardless of external opinions.
  • Regenerative Practices: Many artists are re-purposing materials that would otherwise be discarded, emphasising environmental responsibility
  • Escape from Technology: Art takes us away from screens and technology, bringing us back to nature and the physical world.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the artists and visionaries who were present this week with their incredible talents, enriching lives with distinctive creations.

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