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Navigating Digital Challenges in 2024


Taking a moment to reflect on the past year, it’s evident that it has been a year of growth and achievement for Treacle Media. Our team takes pride in the progress we’ve made, working alongside our existing clients and welcoming a multitude of new ones – a clear indicator that our small independent agency is making its mark.  We’re turning our thoughts now to how we navigate the year ahead with our esteemed clients in 2024.

For two decades, Treacle Media has been at the forefront of transforming some of the world’s most exclusive brands, spanning lifestyle, residential, automotive, financial sectors, and collaborating with well-known influencers. Let’s delve into what awaits our prestigious clients in the upcoming year, focusing on some of our sector sweet spots.

Wine and Spirits Industry:

The UK’s wine and spirits industry is undergoing a digital revolution, with e-commerce platforms and digital marketing playing pivotal roles. Anticipating stricter government regulations around age verification for online alcohol sales, investing in robust solutions becomes crucial to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. Customers’ expectations for a seamless online experience with swift delivery drive the need for investment in data analytics and AI-driven tech. This not only enhances personalisation but also boosts customer loyalty and satisfaction. Effective marketing strategies, including social media engagement, influencer collaborations, and captivating content creation, will continue to be paramount. Emphasising eco-friendly practices aligns with the growing demographic of consumers prioritising sustainability in their purchasing decisions.

Property Sector:

In the luxury property sector, Treacle has observed an increased demand for unique and creative approaches to attract sellers in the luxury property market. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are becoming integral to property viewings, with estate agents embracing emerging technologies. A seamless and intuitive mobile interface is essential as more users access websites via mobile devices. Treacle has been producing creative solutions collaboratively with our clients and we will continue to use our Creative talent to provide branding to high end properties of distinction.


For influencers, a clear business strategy is key to sustaining growth. With social media channels as the primary platform and websites playing a supporting role, 2024 will continue to see a focus on immediate engagement and community building. Aligning websites seamlessly with the social media narrative ensures a cohesive brand experience. As social media platforms update their algorithms, influencers may face challenges in maintaining reach. Building authenticity becomes crucial, with followers seeking genuine content amidst the noise. Treacle will assist our clients in maintaining a consistent brand message, encouraging engagement, and fostering a sense of community through constant analysis of performance metrics.


In the automotive sector, digital technologies are increasingly embraced. Websites need to evolve to meet the expectations of tech-savvy consumers, incorporating virtual showrooms, augmented reality experiences, and innovative features to enhance the online car-buying process. Highlighting the value and ease of use of new technologies, alongside ensuring data security, is crucial. With consumers accessing websites via mobile devices, a seamless and intuitive mobile experience is vital. Marketing strategies should prioritise a mobile-first approach to reach a broader audience so UX is crucial.

As we anticipate another intriguing year in the agency landscape.
We’re excited about the continued developments in AI and collaborations
with talented specialists that will enable us to provide truly unique creative solutions
for our exclusive clients. Challenges will be embraced, and Treacle looks forward to being
‘by our clients’ side’ as we navigate the digital year ahead.

Cheers to another year of growth, innovation, and success!

Joanna Watt: Operations Director


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Joanna Watt:
Operations Director


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