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Embracing The Future: Graphic and Digital Design Trends in 2024


As we dive into 2024, trends in graphic and digital design continue to evolve. This year, designers are blending innovation with simplicity, creating designs that are both modern and easy to use, without over complication. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting design trends shaping 2024.

Simplicity & minimalism:

Designers are moving away from cluttered interfaces and over designed layouts, opting instead for clean, spacious layouts that prioritise clarity and simplicity. This approach not only enhances user experience but also aligns with the growing demand for streamlined and efficient design solutions.


Sustainability driven:

As environmental responsibilities continues to grow, designers are prioritising sustainability-driven design practices in 2024. Agencies should consider eco-friendly packaging and recycled printed materials where possible, using sustainable inks and paper, and supporting responsible forestry, look to use FSC accredited printers. In digital, carbon-neutral websites can aim to use energy-efficient technologies to reduce environmental impact of websites, such as sustainable hosting platforms and optimised websites to reduce viewing device energy usage where possible.


Accessibility conscious:

Accessibility conscious design ensures that digital experiences are inclusive and usable by all, regardless of abilities or disabilities – making experiences clearer and easier for all users. It involves features like alternative text for images, captions for videos, keyboard navigation, readable and resizable text, and accessible colour contrast. By prioritising accessibility, designers guarantee equal access to information and services online. Many of these accessibility features are also good practice to include in printed items where possible.


Lights out, design in:

Dark mode isn’t just for saving your eyes at night. It’s also a cool design trend that’s appearing in many brands. With dark mode, websites and apps use dark colours instead of bright ones, making them easier to look at in low light. Plus, it looks really sleek and modern, and instantly bespoke and high end in feel.


Dynamic typography:

Typography continues to play a pivotal role in graphic and website design, serving as a powerful tool for communication and expression. In 2024, designers are pushing the boundaries of typography, experimenting with dynamic and interactive text elements. From kinetic typography animations to variable fonts that adapt to user preferences, typography is evolving into a dynamic and immersive component of digital design.


Augmented reality integration:

With the widespread adoption and advancements of augmented reality (AR) technologies, designers are exploring new avenues for immersive and interactive experiences. In 2024, AR integration is emerging as a prominent design trend, enabling users to engage with digital content in innovative ways. Whether it’s overlaying virtual elements onto the physical environment or creating interactive AR interfaces, designers are harnessing the power of AR to enhance user engagement and create memorable experiences for users.

In 2024, design is about finding the perfect balance between innovation and simplicity, from sleek and modern layouts to fun and interactive features, designers are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital world.

With a focus on simplicity, user experience, accessibility and sustainability the year ahead looks exciting, inclusive, and friendly to the planet.

We look forward to sharing our new and exciting client projects with you as we complete them this year, with a keen focus on the above points. Keep an eye on our socials, newsletters and case studies to be the first to take a look.

Written By Lead Creative
Stephen Herington

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