Everyone Loves An Old Porsche, But These Guys Made a Business Out Of It

At Treacle, we thrive on crafting stories through design. Our recent collaboration with Rindt Vehicle Design was an exciting journey, bringing their vision to life online. Rindt is a unique company that specialises in restoring and customising classic Porsches, making them even more extraordinary. They needed a website that reflected their craftsmanship and passion, so we joined forces to create something remarkable.

Brian Richardson, the founder of Rindt, has a fascinating background. Once a professional golfer, he discovered his true passion in restoring Porsches. Imagine someone who knows every detail of these cars and can transform them into something spectacular—that’s Brian. Trevor, another key player at Rindt, was originally a customer. His love for the brand led him to become a director, bringing his software expertise and enthusiasm for Porsches into the business. Together, they wanted a website that showcased their unique approach and dedication.

Creating Rindt’s website was like piecing together a beautiful puzzle. We began with their existing brand identity, developed by David Gilston. This strong foundation allowed us to build a site that was both immersive and engaging. Using Rindt’s colours, fonts, and stunning photography, we created a digital experience that truly represents their ethos.

One of the challenges we faced was adapting to a change in direction. Initially, Rindt wanted to focus on electric vehicles, but they later decided to highlight their original car builds and new transportation services. This shift meant rethinking the website’s structure to ensure it showcased all of Rindt’s diverse offerings—from restorations to track days and merchandise.

Another challenge was ensuring the website could keep up with Rindt’s constant innovation. They’re always working on new projects, so the site needed to be easily updateable. We developed a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows the Rindt team to add new images, updates, and cars effortlessly. This flexibility is crucial for maintaining a fresh and dynamic online presence.

The final website is a true reflection of Rindt’s spirit—simple yet powerful, much like their approach to car restoration. Visitors can explore Rindt’s services, learn about their history, and get a glimpse of their latest projects. The site provides a seamless experience, capturing the essence of what makes Rindt so special.

Working with Rindt Vehicle Design was an enriching experience. We’re proud to have helped them create a digital platform that matches their commitment to excellence. At Treacle, we believe in turning visions into reality, and this project is a perfect example of our dedication to that mission.

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Rindt Vehicle Design